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Wild For Life

Apr 8, 2020

I meet some amazing Zookeepers at the Toronto Zoo every time I interview them for one of the episodes on this podcast. I always ask the Zookeepers to tell me some stories about their animals. It’s the best part of my day to hear how the various personalities of the animals make the Zookeeper’s day that much more interesting. Unfortunately, we can’t fit every story into each of the podcast episodes; however, I am pleased to tell you that we included some of the best stories from the careers to three Zookeepers at the Toronto Zoo: Ali Vella-Irving, Brent Huffman, and Aly Pidgen over a three-part series.

Each Zookeeper tells their favourite stories from their career at the Toronto Zoo. This podcast features Ali talking about some of her top moments with the Western Lowland gorillas – including how gorillas are afraid of frogs.