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Wild For Life

May 22, 2019

Did you ever wonder why the Polar Bears have an empty barrel in their enclosures that they can fill up with water during play time? The barrel is part of the Polar Bears’ behavioural enrichment program to mimic the behaviours they would do in the wild. Behavioural Enrichment is part of the subject of today’s episode, where I sit down with Hollie Ross, the Acting Behavioural Husbandry Supervisor, to discuss programs that are in place to enrich the lives of the animals at the Toronto Zoo. It’s an amazing part of the Zoo that doesn’t get to be discussed that often so it’s good that you are tuning in!


Hollie and I also discuss the NEW Wild Encounters Program that’s available at the Zoo to add that extra special experience to your next visit. There are 16 encounters from which to choose ranging from Caribou encounters to speaking with the Keepers of the Tigers and Polar Bears. You will need to book in advance by clicking in this link:

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